We're also a Passionate Bunch of Creative Web Developers and Designers

We're Also a Passionate Bunch of Creative Web Developers and Designers

Website Design That Ranks

Our expertise in SEO means that when we build a website, the structure is built with search engine optimisation in mind. 

Websites That Deliver

When we build a website for a client we ask 'ENTER'.

  • E(xisting) - does the client have an existing website or which digital marketing methods bring them the most success?
  • N(ew) - what new features and functions can we build into the website that will help the clients goals?
  • T(imescale) - An estimated timescale for the project
  • E(ase) - Is the website easy to use for the end user and the client?
  • R(ankability) - what can we do improve the rankability of the website on search engines?

This helps us set out clear goals that remain a focus throughout the project.




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A showcase of some of our previous designs and developments.

Walpole Dunn Chartered Certified Accountants

Walpole Dunn Chartered Certified Accountants are indepentent and have offices in Taunton and Bridgwater - with clients nationally.

Originally we were working with Walpole Dunn on their SEO when they mentioned about getting a new and the effects this may have on their SEO. After giving our inital advice, we pitched our idea for their website - which they accepted.

With a timescale of 12 weeks, we were able to offer them full flexibility - this allowed them full creative input in the design process. 

We were also able to build the website to be more SEO-friendly than their previous website and ensure they maintained their search engine positions during the transition to the new website.

Visit Walpole Dunn's Website


Food Box Delivery

Food Box Delivery needed a website urgently to help support people during the covid-19 pandemic. They had seen a surge in sales as the country was put into lockdown and their previous website wasn't easy to manage.

We were able to design, build and test a website all within 2 days without disrupting their orders as they transitioned over to the new website. The quick build was on the condition that we continued to manage the website going forward.

The new website was able to handle the increased number of visitors and the CMS made it easy to manage orders and sales reports.

The new website also occupied some important keywords locally which brought new customers to the website.

Visit Food Box Delivery's Website

Queensbury Products Ltd

Queensbury Products Ltd are leaders in plastic food production with international clients.

Queensbury Products Ltd approached us about a new website after their previous website becoming dated and not easy for clients to navigate. Their original website also was not search engine optimised and wasn't ranking for any industry keywords. 

Initially, we produced 3 designs for the client to give feedback on. They choose one of our designs and we began building the website - which was completed and live within 6 weeks. 

With SEO being our specialty, we were able to rank their website for specific keywords and give them a plan moving forward to rank for others. This has helped users find their website easily and attract potential clients.

Visit Queensbury Products Ltd's Website


Bradley the Blacksmith

Bradley the Blacksmith is an amazing independent blacksmith that stays true to traditional methods.

Bradley approached us after spending years paying for a listing with Yell and seeing very little results.

Bradley sent us a couple of websites he liked the look of which he wanted something similar to. We were able to design a website in-keeping with the original and gave it a modernised twist.

With a timescale of 12 weeks and a clear content map for Bradley to follow, we were able to produce an eye-catching website that also integrated his instagram gallery.

Visit Bradley the Blacksmith's Website

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