Content Relevance

Relevance of your page content to the keyword you are trying to rank for is important to rank highly in SERPs.

Importance of Contenct Relevance for SEO

Content Relevance for SEO plays a conclusive role with the on-page optimisation element. Improving how well content works with targeted keywords is one of the main tasks of SEO. Just adapting the content of an internet site, for example for a category or article, can improve the position of a keyword.

Content Relevance is an important ranking factor, but it’s still just one of more than one hundred things that Google use in its algorithms. It is the combination of all these factors that is the basis for great positions in the search results.

For example content of a website could be highly relevant to the specific topic, but if the website takes too long to load and is not properly optimised for mobile, then it will probably still not be able to rank highly in the mobile SERPs.

What is Content Relevance?

Content Relevance is used to point out how relevant a website is in relation to a particular search topic or term. Topic relevance is of absolute importance for SEO.  The better the content of a page matches a search query, the more likely it will achieve a good ranking. This means Content Relevance is considered as one of the ranking factors that Google uses to gauge a website in its index.

What does Content Relevance for SEO mean for Google?

For every search enquiry, Google will assess which websites in their index are the best able to meet a users requirements. This is achieved when the algorithms calculates how well the websites in the index matches what the user is searching for. At the same time, characteristics like load time, site map, link structure are considered content relevance. These processes are what achieve the rankings in the search results.

Relevant text is very important for Google. This is because the search results is supposed to match a users different search enquiries as exactly as it could. The ultimate goal is satisfying the user experience. Search providers are also commercial enterprises who are trying to achieve revenue via paid ads on the search results pages. The closer the results match a search, the more users will have the results.

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