Competitor Analysis

Locally and across the internet there is definitely a common theme - there will always be competition. Staying ahead of the competition & on-trend can be difficult. Your competitor's strengths can be reverse engineered and identifying their weaknesses can help you improve your strategies and gain an advantage.

How can a competitor help my SEO?

The beauty of SEO is that information is out there to be accessible as possible to users and search engines. Without businesses putting this information in the public domain, search engines wouldn’t work as they do. In turn for information, businesses get visibility and potential customers.

This means we can audit your competitor’s SEO strategy, keywords and create an SEO plan that achieves first page rankings ahead of the competition.

What information we look at

We analyse your competitor’s website to see what they have implemented. We also look at their branded search results and keyword positions. This allows us to compare them to your current positions. We also look at your competitors backlink profile and identify any potential opportunities you may be missing. A competitor’s social media presence is also a good indication of a which platforms work for your niche and how their followers engage with them.

Benefits of SEO competitor analysis

Auditing your competitors can help offline as well as online. It is a good way to get fresh ideas and data that can help you analyse your own performance. The insight gives you a good overview of what is working for your competitors. It will also show new keyword opportunities that will aide your own keyword research.

Competitor analysis is great for these reasons – although you should never copy a competitors strategy and always aim to learn from it.

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