Bounce Rate

Is bounce rate important to SEO?

One statistic that is prominent when using Google Analytics is bounce rate. The bounce rate stat indicates the percentage of sessions where a user leaves the page via the same point of entry to your website – without any interaction.

This could indicate to search engines that the page is not relevant to the search query, is of poor quality or not user friendly. Any one of these could lead to a drop in rankings and potentially give one of your competitors a chance to rank above you.

How to improve your site’s bounce rate

An easy to navigate user interface and website structure is key to lowering your bounce rate. If a user visits your website and find it difficult to navigate or can’t find the information they require easily, they are likely to leave and not come back.

A good website structure also helps Google’s bots crawl your website more efficiently and quickly – a big plus! You can also use your internal link structure to promote the flow of link juice.

As our attention spans are getting shorter, it is important to focus on user experience and ensure your most important services and products are easy to locate.

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