Website Security

Online security measures, or a lack of them, can impact your SEO rankings.

How does website security benefit your SEO?

Over time, people have gotten smarter about the way they use the internet.

Like anything else, humanity’s harnessing of the online world has followed a natural progression: when a new problem arises, solutions are tested until the right one is found.

It is then implemented, and people move on to a better place than where they were before.

Some people might think they can always tell if they’re safe online. Just get a firewall, don’t give out personal information to sketchy websites, use unique passwords; it’s all been said before.

But computer hackers are out there. They are looking to harm websites and people and are much savvier than the average online user might expect.

Website security is something that you should take seriously.

HTTPS is good for SEO

To secure data on your website and show users that you have done so, you’ll need to switch to the HTTPS domain distinction. Doing that requires purchasing an SSL certificate.

Many top websites use HTTPS now, and, in fact, you risk looking outdated and unaware if you don’t. This is part of the reason Google made HTTPS a ranking factor several years ago.

If you’re investing in all other aspects of SEO, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be doing this, as well.

If you need an SSL certificate to provide security to your website, we can help.

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